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Stop. Just stop.

61+62/70 BBC Robin Hood caps

Yup, Gizzi is definitely into bondage… contrary to Robin ^^


“I understand the King is winning, thanks be to God.”/”He’s killing more people.”/“Oh, is that not winning?”

4 gifs per character per episode: Guy of Gisborne “Will You Tolerate This?”

Creepy Guy being creepy :D


guy of gisborne | richard armitage


sir guy #richardarmitage

I don’t know if I’m the only one to do this, but sometimes, while watching Richard, especially as Guy, I try to see past the character to see him, his real self. But I can’t. When i’m looking at these gifs, all I see is Guy, never Richard, and yet, it’s him, it’s his face, his voice. 

It hurts so much to watch this, my poor baby…

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richard armitage as guy of gisborne #richardarmitage